Shock-a-thon 2014


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Afrel Co.,Ltd. Mr. Watanabe


You can control LEGO block Robot with intelligent block programming.

This is the product for ten years and upward. You can assemble your own apparatus with sensor and motor. Soldering isn't required.

Fundamental use for device and the option

Reaction is implemented using programming environment with sensor and motor motion as input signal.

There are touch ON/OFF, distance, color & brightness, orientation sensors, accelerometer and 3 motors.

Motor can be controlled based on sensor information. For example, move other object as a function of distance between object.

It can be controlled from Windows PC with USB, Bluetooth, ethernet or WiFi.

Number of device available

2 sets of fundamental set+WiFi dongle

・EV3software、C、Java manual
・remote controll manual for Windows

Deadline for interaction with device provider

none in particular