Shock-a-thon 2014

1. TECHTILE toolkit

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Keio University Associate Professor Kouta MINAMIZAWA


「TECHTILE toolkit」 is rapid prototyping tool to express tactile sensation. Not only scentist・engineer, but also designer・artist・educator・student・kids can build a prototype of product with tactile sensation experimentally without deep knowledge in this area. Using acoustic signal for record & replay, you can use existing platform to capture, edit and transmit tactile sensation.

Fundamental use for device and the option


Realtime transmission of tactile sensation.Transmit signal to actuator after capturing tactile sensation with microphone. No PC. No programming.


Record tactile sensation with microphone and replay. Recording tool like "Audacity" is fine or if you record video with "Quicktime Pro", you can replay movie with tactile sensation. No programming so far.


Use audio editing tool like "Max" or "Puredata" in oreder to edit tactile sensation. You can transform original tactile sensation with frequency filter and/or effector.


Read in sensor data with "Max" or use playback function of "Unity" is recommended to replay interactive tactile sensation. Record tactile sensation in advance, transfer to WAV file, replay as "sound effects" and send to actuator via tooklit. Up to 2ch replay per toolkit.


Multi-input, multi-output. Up to 2ch replay per toolkit,however, multi channel with multi toolkit set. Because of a limit to the number of available toolkit, up to 2 set(=4ch) could be lent to one team.


Big oscillator. High power device to vibrate floor and transmit tactile sensation to he bottom of the foot. If you use 2 sets, you can vibrate right and left foot. Output power of standard toolkit (osillator) is not enough to vibrate foot nor hip.


Wireless oscillator. Even power is small, wireless transmittance is possible. It's good for wearable or portable device. It's under development but probably available by Aug/2(S.)

Number of device available

Up to around 10 sets

Deadline for interaction with device provider

If you want to use option, please let us know no later than 7/26. The sooner the better.