Shock-a-thon 2014

Quasi-haptic presentation with vibration stimulus : Vib−Touch

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Tohoku University Associate Professor Masashi Konyo


Vib-touch is the device to provide quasi-unlevel sensation, texture of materials and kinesthetic sense to fingertip with vibraion stimulus.

Fundamental use for device and the option

Fundamental set is the combination of gesture input by LeapMotion and wristband vibrator. Program consists the following components.

(1) Capturing gesture by Leap Motion(VisualStudio C++)
(2) Imaging, event access and selection of tactile sensation(Processing)
(3) Generatin vibraion wave(microcomputer, C)

User should develop (2) only. Sample programs will be provided. If you are familiar with LeapMotion, it's OK to manipulate. Adjustment (3) isn't necessary but if you want, staff will support. Data flow is (1) → (2) → (3) implemented by Socket. Protocol of (3) wolud be opened and you can implement (1) → (2) process with "Unity." Preparation of "Processing" is recommended for beginners

Number of device available

Up to 3sets

Deadline for interaction with device provider

The sooner the better but please contact us no later than 7/27.