Shock-a-thon 2014

PAW Sensor

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RT Corporation representative Executive Yukiko Nakagwa


Contact sensor using urethane sponge.

It can detect where and how much amount sponge forced in.

Fundamental use for device and the option

mbed is used between PC as an I/F.

IT's not necessary to install development environment since mbed is cloud compile but internet connection is required.

Please take your own PC.

Serial communication between mbed and PC.

Even Windows is recommended, Mac or Linux is fine if serial communication is OK.

Staff will provide direction of PAW sensor data reading but not USB-serial communication itself.

There is no limitation of method for utilization of PAWS sensor.

Number of device available

5 to 10 sets of PAW sensor & mbed kit

1 PAW sensor per 1mbed.
Please remember that total number of set is up to 10.
If you need more than 1 PAW sensor, maybe others cannot use.

Deadline for interaction with device provider

Please contact us by 7/22.