Shock-a-thon 2014

2.5 dimensional tactile display with shear force

University of Tsukuba Associate Professor Satoshi Saga

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2.5 dimensinal tactile display is the touch-panel which represents unlevel sensation. Represent several tactile sensetion on the touch-panel using share force for the feedback of tactile information.

Fundamental use for device and the option

User can fiddle this device with image synthesis or replay of vibration record. Please refer "触覚ハッカソン2014 : Shock-a-thon 2014 Special page" for your reference. If you want to develop programs, please feel free to consult us. (Please register at our Web site as described previously.)

The following knowledge and experience is required.

  • Knowledge of C/C++ programming (VisualStudio)
  • Knowledge of OpenCV library
  • Patience with code reading

Associate Professor Satoshi Saga will help you during 8/2 to 8/3 a whole day.

Number of device available

Up to 2 sets

Deadline for interaction with device provider

The sooner the better. Let's communicate based on Google account. "触覚ハッカソン2014 : Shock-a-thon 2014 Special page"