Shock-a-thon 2014


Tactile display which represents unlevel sensation. User can use this device as an actuator as well as it is without any change.

Fundamental use for device and the option

Fundamental set includes tactile stimulus unit worn on fingers and controller Linux(C++.)

Mac and unit are connected with Socket communication, LeapMotion detects kocation and tactile stimulus unit is driven based on location information in this system. Information is displayed on Mac(C++,OpenGL).

If you have a line on C++, you can rewrite sample programs of Linux or Mac.

  • You can configure under Windows rather than Mac, if Socket communication is available. Other 3D location detectors (OptiTrack or Polaris) can be used. Tactile stimulus unit can be driven by moving hand with cursor or the interface with other systems.
  • You can generate any planar shaps within a few millimeters hight.

Please imagine new ideas with this device as much as you can.

・ ・

Number of device available

1 set

Deadline for interaction with device provider

Please contact us by 7/27 and we can supprt to rewrite program or add new functions. The sooner the better.